Colegio de San Ignacio

Over the summer, Jakob visited the Philippines with two things in mind: Fun and FTC. Jakob’s aunt happened to be a teacher of a high school called Colegio de San Ignacio. The school is rather small, despite having students ranging from K-12th grade. The high school happened to have a STEM class. Jakob’s aunt reached out to him before leaving on vacation to see if he was interested in talking to the STEM students about FTC and its benefits. Delighted, Jakob began putting together a presentation that explained was FIRST and FTC is and showed the students the team’s past adventures in Velocity Vortex. He explained to them the importance of team coherence, the engineering process, and how STEM could open new doors for all of them, inspiring them to take the next step. Despite being separated by thousands of miles, Jakob and the STEM students still keep in touch. Many who were intrigued by FTC requested to be updated as the year went on. To keep the fire burning, we created a team Facebook page and posted many team events and projects, such as kickoff, team meetings, and prototypes. We kept them involved by asking for their opinions on different things, and they were very curious on how things worked. The Philippines is still a developing country, but we hope that the STEM students of San Ignacio will move forward to bring better changes to their country, and eventually the world.